resourcesUSDIETALERT understands that having convenient access to the most helpful weight loss tools and resources can be very beneficial for your overall dieting and weight loss success. And…whether you need to begin a new weight loss endeavor to improve your health, have a ton of weight to lose, or just a few pounds before that special event- we have gathered the BEST weight loss tools and resources there is on the Internet and comprised them into a neatly organized all-in-one list, right here.

These are guaranteed to compliment whatever diet supplement or weight loss plan that you have chosen to aid you in your quest to achieve your weight loss goals. And…with these handy tools and resources for weight loss you are bound to lose weight successfully!

BMI Calculator


Food Diary/ Weight Loss Journal

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Diet Plans & Eating Healthy

unnamed (1)


Healthy Recipes for Diets Finder

diet recipes


Portion Size Tool for Weight Loss

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Food and Fitness Planner

unnamed (5)

Calories Burned Tool


Calorie Dictionary and Tracker

unnamed (4)

Calories and Food List

unnamed (9)

Exercise Finder Tool 

unnamed (11)


Target Heart Rate Calculator

unnamed (10)


Exercise and Fitness Planner

unnamed (8)


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